About Us


Aflux, founded by Amit Malhotra, is a design and architectural company that has established itself as a lead player in prime London, developing beautiful spaces with a vision to create the luxurious look and lifestyle at an affordable cost.

The team itself at Aflux is based on a great mix of backgrounds and talents that complement each other to provide the best service to their clients.


Amit Malhotra

Amit is very much the face of the business. He has worked with property developers and home owners for over seven years.

Having designed and managed developments extensively throughout London, Amit specialises in ensuring both projects and client’s needs are met throughout the entire process. Having worked in Japan for over two years, he understands the need for attention to detail and quality control. Working with developers, he also has been able to carve out a niche in identifying opportunities and adding value to the spaces within.

Equipped with a background in finance and marketing, this has given comfort to clients and property developers when aligning budgets to actual project costs. Given his experience, he has built a large network of local suppliers and a great knowledge of local planning rules and guidelines.


Sara Ripamonti

Sara Ripamonti, our head designer,  graduated with a degree in Interior Design from IED University (European Institute of Design) in Milan in 2007.

She has nearly ten years experience in Interior Design mainly with residential projects.  Although working with Aflux over a number of years, she recently joined full time early this year. Her ability to adapt across different styles from luxury to mid century, high end to affordable as well as excellent client relationships make her a valuable asset to our team. Together Sara and Amit provide a great combination of skills and experience to successfully manage a project from the planning stage to completion.’


The Team

We have an excellent team behind aflux, whether it be sub  or full time contractors. Some of our builders and experienced skilled worksmen we have worked with over six to eight years. While we are always maintaining the signature of high quality and bespoke design, we always ensure to make sure our team, whether new or old, are of exceptional standards. We have experts in every field that enable us to take on an entire project from planning to completion involving some or all of the following; designers, architects, builders, plumbers, electricians, structural engineers and audio/visual installers. 



Amit’s dog, Prince, has 2 and half years experience in cuteness